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With a rigorous selection process, our publishers are hand-picked based on their potential traffic generation capabilities and ability to adhere to our compliance standards. Once you join the Affilx CPA Affiliate Network, we will pair your campaigns with the exact type of traffic you need to succeed.

Traffic Quality

Our team of traffic monitors makes sure all clicks, leads, and customers you receive are 100% quality using various reliable measures to gauge the traffic quality.

Unparalleled Fraud

Affilx CPA Network is a “Fraud-Free” Zone. With frequent automated and manual fraud checks, it is safe to say we have got your campaigns covered.

Continual Campaign

Track your campaigns with real-time analytics to monitor their progress. Our dedicated support team will be with you every step of the way. Once you are part of the Affilx family, you will receive unmatched service to help you reach your traffic goals!

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